Zombie Tattoos

 Hi! Samantha here talking about zombie tattoos but more importantly about where to find quality zombie tattoos and downloads and if you are looking for the best place to find your tattoo downloads then I highly recommend you keep reading. 

This is my uncensored story of how I got a terrible "zombie tattoo" then searched for tattoo downloads, the ups, the downs and how I finally found the tattoo designs of my dreams.

A while back now I was on a Las Vegas adventure with some not of age friends who decided they MUST have tattoos while in Vegas. We started searching tattoo artist shops on our mobile phones, asking friends for recommendations, and looking online for unique and original tattoo designs. I wasn't planning to get a tattoo, but i "bit the bullet" and took one first so a conservative friend could "see what it is like" before getting a tattoo herself.

It was pretty frustrated because we wanted something to do with Zombie culture ( to represent when I organized zombie pub crawls and other zombie events) and also something really creative, but nothing really stood out for a zombie tattoo design. The artist at the random tattoo shop couldn't really help us and most of the online tattoo websites where just awful, I was at the point of just picking something out of a book and hoping for the best. I picked a meat cleaver. It sucked. The artist elaborated and added a sheared off bone and blood to the background without asking. Now I needed a cover up zombie tattoo.

Finally I stumbled onto a website that has the biggest tattoo design library in the world and takes you by the hand and shows you the best process to follow to get your dream tattoo. They even have a zombie section! Hooray!

I was stoked they had over 25,000 designs, videos to offer support and check this out.... a tattoo learning vault. Super cool. This site is amazing because it gives you everything you need, start to finish, to help you find the perfect zombie tattoo design, where it will go on your body and help in choosing your tattoo artist and post tattoo treatment options. I must admit though, it was a little annoying that everything is online with no phone support (They DO have email) but besides that, it's a wicked awesome place.

I hope you found this information about zombie tattoos useful and click here to check it out.
Who am I?

Samantha here. A typical rocker chick who likes good music and zombie movies. I wanted to find a good zombie tattoo to cover up a bad zombie tattoo (Zombie tattoo designs are really hard to find) with no where to start.

Lucky me, I found the best place to find my dream tattoo. 

I made this website to help other people find their dream tattoo, also. 

Thank goodness for Miami Ink, that's what I say!